Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hello 4th grade families! Wow! It's hard to believe we have completed the first trimester. We have completed 1 week of conferences. Thank you all for signing up. It is great to have a chance to chat with you about your 4th grader. If you have your conference this week or the week after, don't forget your child. It's great to have them be included in the conversation and show you the great work they are doing. In math, we are just starting Unit 4. This unit is all about decimals. We will be learning concepts such as at place values and computing decimals. Math homework goes home every night, so ask students to show you what they are working on. We are still in our character unit in reading. Soon we will be reading non-fiction. I have been so impressed with the students' reading work in their notebooks and the volume students are reading. Home reading logs are collected every Friday. In writing, students are working on essays. They have written two fiction stories. You will get a chance to check them out at the conference! Below there is calendar that I have been updating with important dates. I hope this helps!

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